How Can We Open Doors?

Time for Change?


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Workforce Development covers a broad range of skills, but regardless of industry, what IS evident is that all industries need help! The need to find skilled talent is a problem and people are searching for new ideas on how to solve this problem. Is a possible solution to make connections between Community Colleges and Employers? Where do these key stakeholders fit in when it comes to addressing the workforce development issues?

Another area of concern is Quality. When we take a deeper look at the communities, colleges, and employers, we find that it takes people who are passionate to ensure the quality of work. These entities are made up of people who churn the wheels. Their commitment is necessary for quality and for continuous improvement. It is more than just starting, it is the day to day follow through, evaluation, and the ability to innovate.


We can’t leave it up to others to solve this dilemma without contributing some of our own time on this journey. There must be a willingness to understand the work and time that it takes to see things through. There are people who are falling through the cracks that want to find jobs. They want to be trained. We might need to look at some non traditional means to finding, training, and developing skilled talent.


Post by Sterling Gill, III

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