A Commitment to Follow a Plan!


Time to energize!

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Our success can be dependent upon how aware we become, how we educate ourselves, and how diligently we pursue our passion. 

Has the excitement of the New Year worn off yet? Are we just as determined for that new start? Hopefully, we are on track with a plan. A plan that is driven by our passion to succeed. If not, don’t give up, because there is still hope and 2017 is only beginning! There are however, some familiar questions about career choices that have carried over from last year.

As we reflect upon our plan for the new year and take some time to re-energize, it is important to understand the body of work necessary in making it come together. Reflection involves establishing a continuous plan for improvement by identifying where we are in comparison to where we want to be. To collect, organize, and explain the data that supports not just where we want to be, but how we can get there? This is where diligence pays off. It may be the determining factor for what career pathways are present and how successful we can become!


Post by Sterling Gill, III

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