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Apprenticeship programs revived for submarine construction

Where are the younger workers? Who will be the boss when the baby boomers retire?

Where are the younger workers? Who will be the boss when the baby boomers retire?


  • Electric Boat in Groton, Conn. will need to hire 14,000 people over the next 14 years to build submarines for the U.S. Navy
  • Demand for highly trained people
  • Federal grants used to promote manufacturing and apprenticeship in Connecticut

Once again the need for highly trained people is evident! A U.S. Navy contractor, Electric Boat, is reviving apprenticeship programs to fill the desperate need for hiring skilled talent. The use of an apprenticeship program is key in their strategy for sustaining growth, promoting well-paying jobs, and strengthening the economy.


“You can’t walk off the street and go to work at Electric Boat,” said U.S. Rep. Joe Courtney, a Connecticut Democrat. “You’re operating equipment where the demand for precision requires highly trained people” 


Electric Boat is facing the same issue as the Precision Machining Industry. Where do we find highly skilled talent? They are choosing to invest in an apprenticeship program which will provide a means to pass on the skills and knowledge of current workers to incoming employees. Formal apprenticeship training began nearly 70 years ago at the company and they have seen over 4,300 people graduate from their program.


More options to training & education near you


Post by Sterling Gill, III




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