“Life-changing” Right Skills Now Program Recognized in National Study

RSN graphic

MakingMakers: Rebuilding the Manufactuiring Workforce Through Competencies and Credentials was just released by the hope street group and Alcoa Foundation. The Right Skills Now Program, developed by former PMPA past-president Darlene Miller while serving on the President’s Job Council, is one of several programs highlighted as a leading way that manufacturers can overcome the obstacles to hiring and training future talent.


The basis of Right Skills Now is the NIMS credentialing process which assures that graduates have demonstrable skills as well as aptitude for precision machining work.

Right Skills Now uses a modular curriculum based on NIMS Credentials to provide an accelerated route to employment by giving candidates immediately useable workplace skills.

Right Skills Now is supported by the Precision Machined Products Association through our member involvement and through the support of our Educational Foundation which underwrites grants to community colleges and technical schools to adopt the NIMS credentialling program.

For schools in your area that offer training in Precision Machining, as well as NIMS and RSN accreditation, please check our Comprehensive Training Database.

Do the challenges that you face make it feel like it is  impossible for you to plan the future? You might want to consider doing what Mike Hunter did – Right Skills Now  resulted in a good paying, life changing career for him!

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