Workers Biggest Asset In Manufacturing- Fortune

There’s a lot of hiring in manufacturing, and there’s a lot of demand in manufacturing,” says Saxena, who points out that the perception of the sector as less-than-glamorous needn’t be a barrier to retaining valuable people. “If you treat your employees with respect and you involve them in your decision making, they’ll go the extra mile for you, regardless of their job title.”  –Anil Saxena, Great Places to Work

Not your grandfather's factory job!

Not your grandfather’s factory job!

Here are 6  reasons why manufacturing careers are a great choice according to Great Places to Work / Fortune:

  1. “Manufacturing has changed. The shop floors of most American industrial facilities would be unrecognizable to someone working in them only a generation ago. So have many of their jobs, pushing companies to retool their relationships with employees as they compete for a shrinking pool of skilled workers.”
  2. Pride and a sense of purpose represent further areas where the best manufacturing and production employers outshine their peers. Ninety-three percent of employees among these companies say they’re proud of what they accomplish on the job, and 94 percent say they feel good about the ways they contribute to the community.”-
  3. “Manufacturing companies clearly understand now that, in order to be exceptional and successful, it’s not just about hiring hands. It’s about hiring and engaging heads and hearts,”
  4. “92 percent of employees at companies on the list say their leaders would lay people off only as a last resort. That’s even better than the response from people at companies on the broader ranking of the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For,
  5. “People at the best employers in manufacturing and production also feel they get a fair shake during positive economic cycles, with an average of 82 percent saying they receive a fair share of profits.”
  6. “The job skills crucial to a 21st century manufacturing environment give the people who possess them leverage to expect more from employers.”

Don’t just take it from us. The people at Best Places to Work / Fortune have facts and experience behind their recommendations. read the entire article Evolving Manufacturing Workers

Thanks to Fortune and their Best Places to Work Partners for showing the positive side of careers in Manufacturing.


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