NPR Offers Career Advice: Get a Craft

“America needs more welders — and soon. Baby boomers with the skill are retiring and not enough young people are replacing them”- NPR Morning Edition

So their story looks at an innovative welding training program in a Georgia Prison.

Desperate need for skilled workers.

Desperate need for skilled workers.

America needs  Precision Machinists too.

“The American Welding Society estimates there will be a shortage of nearly 300,000 welding-related positions by 2020.”

CEO’s at PMPA member shops have been telling me that they would create a position for a person with skills EVEN IF THEY DID NOT HAVE AN OPENING.

“Jeremy Worley, who teaches welding at a technical college in north Georgia, says the demand for welders is at a level that is growing “quicker than we can get them out.”

PMPA Past President Darlene Miller created Right Skills Now to help create a fast track for the CNC machinists that her shop, and the entire industry need.

Interested? PMPA’s Career Training Database will help you find training near you.

And you don’t have to go to prison to find a job.

Photo credit NPR

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2 Responses to NPR Offers Career Advice: Get a Craft

  1. Chet Ziebka says:

    Harper College in Palatine, IL has one of the best welding learning centers I have ever seen. I counted 17 booths in just one section of the hands on classroom. Harper also offers some CNC training and they promised they would be expanding on their 5 CNC lathes in the near future.

  2. Steve Tripp says:

    The machine tool trade has been a very good fit for me. of coarse when you first start in the trade you will be working for a lower wage than someone who has been in the trade for a while.
    this is the time you will be learning a lot.
    You will want to get experience on all different types of machine tools to earn the best money. I am 51 years old and have worked in the trade counting trade school for 33 years. I have only been laid off 1 time and I was able to get another job on the way home from getting the layoff notice. I have worked at 4 different shops. My current employment being the longest at 20 years.
    I hope to be lucky enough to retire from this company. I believe you make your own destiny in this trade. Their are a few things employers look for.
    1 show up everyday
    2 continue learning
    3 strive to be the person in the shop who the company can count on.
    4 be innovative
    5 don’t pretend you know the answer to every question, but you should have the knowledge to get it.
    6 positive attitude

    All employers do not offer the same compensation packages. If you gain the skills listed above. you will be able to move to a employer who does value your skill.

    Steve Tripp
    St Louis Mo.

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