Youth Employment: The Mission

 Ernst and Young and MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth published a report addressing the global youth unemployment problem.

Infographic 75 million youth unemployed,

Youth unemployment is 3 times higher than the adult unemployment rate.

Quick Facts:

  • 75 million youth aged 15-24 were unemployed in 2014 world wide.
  • Youth make up nearly 40% of the world’s unemployed
  • 358 million youth are not in education, employment or training- nearly 33% of the world’s youth.
  • A skills gap exists, with many employers reporting a mismatch between Education and Skills needed.

Right Skills Now, created by PMPA Member Darlene Miller that features NIMS credentialing as a means to provide skills assurance to both employers and employees, was featured as a case study in the report.

“Everyone wins with our program.”

“We needed young technical apprentices and couldn’t wait the four or so years while they completed college training. I created Right Skills Now for our own internship program and this is now shared with many SMEs in the region. This is a basic program that takes the kids right out of high school and fast tracks them through internships. the program gives employability assurance to both employer and employee.”

Machinists make critical  components that drive todays technologies.

Right Skills Now Gives Skills for your career.

Get the full Report from Ernst & Young and MasterCard here

Find Right Skills Now training near you using PMPA’s Comprehensive Career Training Database

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