“There’s No Such Thing As Going To College Getting A Career And Making A Life”

“We will never succeed believing you need college to make money.’

Guest post by Gary Elwell.

Gary Elwell

I saw the photo meme below on Facebook and thought that it raised some interesting questions. Then I read the comments by Gary Elwell and instantly connected with him to  ask if I could reblog his critical thinking

Critical thinking iss recognizing and challenging assumptions.

Critical thinking is recognizing and challenging assumptions.

“There’s no such thing as going to college getting a career and making a life. That time was our parents’ time and their parents’. We will never succeed believing you need college to make money. Find your own way, and know that society is just an image. We just love to listen to everyone but ourselves. Where our true destiny lies right where your heart is.”- Gary Elwell

If ever there was critical thinking- this is it.  As a baby boomer, when I went to college, college graduates were not plentiful in society- I liken it to how the cactus are scattered throughout the desert. Today, college graduates are about as rare as blades of grass in a lawn. But what our society values now, what we need desperately in our economy, is people with skills, not degrees.

College today is more likely to be your “Debtstiny” than your destiny unless you get into engineering or technology.

Career debt NA-BQ956_STUDEN_G_20120531174108 WSJ

We will never succeed believing you need college to make money.

Thank you Gary Elwell

Meme via Facebook.

$110,000 in Debt Graduation Hat Photocredit:
You can reach Gary Elwell at garyelwell7@gmail.com




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