Women in Manufacturing Honored

The precision machining industry is clearly a place where women with talent can make a difference, and be recognized for the difference that they make.

step awards 2015

The Manufacturing Institute Recently held their 2015 STEP Awards honoring women in Manufacturing.

Quality Director, Supervisors, Director of Operations, President- these are jobs that make a difference!

PMPA is proud to recognize four PMPA member company winners.  PMPA President Tom Bernstein attended the ceremony as well. Congratulations to this year’s winners and their companies and coworkers.

Kathy Dibble Quality Director, Prime Engineered Components

“Reflecting on my many years in this industry, the achievement I am certainly most proud of is my 25 years of employment at Prime. As a team member I have been able to contribute to the success and growth of our company and our industry.”

Debbie Rahm, Supervisor of Acrylic Manifolds, Clippard Instrument Laboratory

“The good thing about manufacturing is the array of fields. If you’re a hands on type of person or someone that likes an office atmosphere, there is something for just about anyone. You can have a very rewarding job in manufacturing. It’s just what you make of it.”

Tracy Skupien, Director of Operations, Tompkins Products, Inc.

“As manufacturers, we are making a real impact on people’s lives. We are designing and building products that improve the quality of life for all kinds of people while providing good paying jobs to our employees. Our job is not glamorous nor easy but it is always exciting and challenging!”

Ann Marie Weber, President, Allied Machine Products Corp.

“Manufacturing has evolved so much over the last three decades. It is cleaner, greener, and requires highly skilled workers that enjoy challenges. Many of the components we make go into devices that enhance peoples’ lives, especially those that need medical attention all over the world.”

Thanks for making a difference Ladies!


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