Not All Guys Are Playing Video Games- Some Are Making Them Real

It seems pretty easy to buy in to the idea that young people these days are just absorbed in their video games. But as Jay Leno Learned at the University of Connecticut recently, some young people are actually manufacturing a new reality.

Jay Leno Drives Student Racecar

The University’s Formula SAE  student group built an open wheel race car– made mostly from carbon fiber and other materials was designed with a small budget.

The UConn team placed 20th overall out of 120 university teams attending the four day Formula SAE competition at Michigan International Speedway earlier this year.

The cars were judged based on their design, presentation, performance, and other areas.

“People are out here putting our blood, sweat and tears into it, we easily put 40 hours a week,” said UConn Formula SAE President Nicholas Choma.

Jay Leno thinks this car and team has what it takes.

“Not all guys are playing the video games, some guys are doing the reality of it,” Leno said.


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