Employers Seeking Better Skilled Workers- Medina Post

The local weekly paper in my home town recently  ran an article  about the need for better Skilled Workers where I live.

Manufacturers across Medina County are struggling to fill certain jobs...

Manufacturers across Medina County are struggling to fill certain jobs…

Some takeaways:

  • Finding skilled young workers is the biggest challenge expressed by managers of manufacturing companies around the county.
  • Most mentioned by business managers were the academic deficiencies and youth culture of new workers who apply for jobs with their companies.
  • “There are people searching for jobs here, but there seems to be a mismatch between the skills they have and those needed to perform the available jobs,”-Bethany Dentler, Director of the Economic Development Corp

I work on the skilled workforce issue nationwide through PMPA, but this hometown article reminded me that while the problem may be nationwide, the solution (better training and education) is always local.

To find local training to help start your career in precision machining  use our Comprehensive Career Training Database

I have yet to meet a shop owner that isn’t looking to hire someone that can add value, and that doesn’t assist with Training and Education.
The Post story


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