2014 STEP Awards- Recognizing Women in Manufacturing

Yesterday the Manufacturing Institute recognized  160 Women for their leadership and contributions to manufacturing.

The STEP Awards recognize women at all levels of manufacturing, from the factory floor to the C-suite. The STEP Awards call for women in Science, Technology, Engineering or Production roles who have made significant achievements in manufacturing through their positive impact on a company’s product development, process improvement, project, sale, or other similar activities.

PMPA is proud that 4 of our members were selected to receive this honor:

The STEP awards are just one part of the Step Ahead initiative which calls for action to:

  • Honor women who have demonstrated excellence and leadership in their manufacturing careers;
  • Celebrate exciting careers in manufacturing to help change negative perceptions of the industry;
  • Help close the skills gap by developing a more diverse workforce and attracting, retaining and advancing female talent in the manufacturing industry;
  • Continue to ensure new opportunities for women in the manufacturing industry;
  • Empower today’s current manufacturing leaders to help inspire the next-generation of leadership and talent.

Manufacturers need to find people with skills and talent. Women have skills and talent. Let’s not forget them  in our search.

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