Manufacturing Careers- Not Necessarily Shop Floor

“What kind of jobs are there in manufacturing besides operating machines?”

This question came in via one of the comments to our blog on a LinkedIn Group.

Well, we happen to think that building, designing, operating and maintaining machines is where the cool stuff really happens. And there are some machines that are really, really cool.

Operating this Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine is a cool job!

Operating this Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine is a cool job!

But that is a good question. Because there are a number of positions in manufacturing that are not necessarily 100% of the time operating equipment. And while many are managerial, many are not. Regardless,  solid math, critical thinking, communication (verbal and written), and computer skills are essential to succeeding at any of these “No operator” positions:

Here is a list of jobs from our various surveys that are NOT 100% operating production machinery:

Quality Assurance  Engineer, Gage Technician, Auditor, Analyst, Manager

ISO/TS coordinator

Quality Auditor, Inspector, Technician

Coordinate Measuring Machine Technician

Production Planning & Control Manager/ Supervisor, Production Planner, Master Scheduler, Scheduler/ Planner Scheduler, Production Planning Analyst

Materials Manager, Materials Planner, Purchasing Manager, Purchasing Agent, Buyer

Safety Manager

Training Manager, Supervisor, Trainer

Network Administrator, Information Systems Technician, Systems Analyst, Programmer

Not to mention managerial slots  like General Manager, Operations Manager,  VP, Human Resources and Environmental Compliance managers and specialists, etc etc.

Sales positions including sales engineers.

Did we mention Estimators, and  CNC Programmers, CAD/ CAM Designers?

They combine operations knowledge with engineering. Can’t forget Engineers- Engineering Manager, Technical Services Manager, Process Engineers, Tool Designers, Technicians, Prototype R&D Technicians,

What about Financial and Accounting and Payroll and ???

The fact is that manufacturing is not only about the machinery. MACHINING PROCESSES are where our industry really adds the value, but that value is added because of the contributions of the entire team- including the talents and passions of all of the above.

P.S. There are a bunch of jobs that we don’t have in our surveys yet- many dealing with PLC’s Automation, and Robotics…

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