Inspiring Students to Consider Manufacturing Career- Pioneer Service Inc.

“There are more “good” career paths than just college. Manufacturing offers alternatives.”-Rose of Sharon DeVos, Business Development Manager, Pioneer Service Inc.

High school students often feel pressured to attend college, regardless of their abilities and interests. From an engineer to a machinist or a warehouse clerk, manufacturing companies offer great career paths to those willing to work and passionate about developing their talents to the fullest.

Manufacturing offers multiple career options.

Manufacturing offers multiple career options.

On November 18th, the Technology Center of DuPage, located in Addison, Illinois hosted representatives from a number of businesses, vocational and higher education organizations for its College and Career Day. The objective was to educate area high school students on a wide range of careers, including careers in manufacturing.

Rose of Sharon DeVos, Business Development Manager at Pioneer Service Inc. shared the opportunities related to CNC machining and manufacturing in general that are available at Pioneer Service Inc. She shared her personal experience of sixteen years in the industry and that of her son who is recent high school graduate, just starting out on his career in manufacturing.

Read the full story: Inspiring Students

Our industry is facing a shortfall of talent. Efforts like this to change the conversation to help people find great careers are critical to sustaining manufacturing in North America in the years ahead. Tip of the hat to Rose of Sharon DeVos and Pioneer Service Inc. for having that conversation.

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What are people thinking?

By permission of Steve Breen And Creator's Syndicate Inc.

By permission of Steve Breen And Creator’s Syndicate Inc.

What are people thinking?

“A study found that 37% of currently employed college grads are doing work for which only a high school degree is required” – Bureau of Labor Statistics Quoted in Forbes

There is a perception that we have to go to college. Why? Well, it’s so that we are able to get a job, right? Here is some data that isn’t popular, but should be communicated to our youth and their families before they commit to lot of unneeded college debt.

“68% of high school students are attending college. Almost 40% of students who begin 4 year programs are not completing them” – Bureau of Labor Statistics Quoted in Forbes

So one might ask, what does this mean? It means that there has been a waste of time, money, and now we have created student loan debt. Isn’t it about time we come up with a better plan to change how people are thinking?

Where to start?

Article  on need for Vocational training in Forbes

Post by Sterling Gill, III

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Accepting the Challenge- Workforce Development

Blog post by Sterling Gill, III

Not your grandfather's factory job!

Not your grandfather’s factory job!

  • The #1 challenge facing Precision Manufacturers is workforce development- finding the “Talent”
  • The #1 challenge facing our young people today is finding a rewarding career without incurring a ton of student debt
  • The average wage in the state of Ohio for advanced manufacturing positions is over $73,000
  • Precision Machining shops are looking for new talent.
  • Could you be the new face on the scene?
  • What are your thoughts?
  • How can we help you connect to a great career?

PMPA Career Training Database- find training near you.

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Trends in Advanced Industries- Brookings Institute.

The Brookings Institute has prepared a comprehensive report on America’s Advanced Industries- Industries that invest at least $450 per worker in research and development and employ at least 20% of their workforce in STEM- intensive occupations.

Advanced Industries matter to you because they represent both an economic foundation and they led the post-recession recovery. Advanced Industries are where the future jobs are- as they are where the sustainable growth will be.

In Ohio, according to this report, 17 of the 25 largest Advanced Industries in 2015 were markets served by  our Precision Machining Companies. Motor Vehicle Parts, General Purpose Machinery, Power Generation and Supply, Precision Instruments, Medical Equipment and Supplies and many more are “where the career action is.”

OHIO Brookings

The Brookings report first explains what advanced industries are and why they matter. It next charts the changing momentum and geography of the sector, with a special focus on these trends as they surface in larger metropolitan areas. Finally, a discussion section offers some takeaways for regional and national policymakers and economic development leaders. Maps, charts, and individualized state and metropolitan area “trend profiles” are available on the report website.

Overall, the trends reveal both the value and evolving distribution of advanced economic activity and the need for urgent federal as well as state and local efforts to boost their growth and broadening their reach.

Link to report and interactive data

Thank you to Brookings for this outstanding and useful report. Let’s do our part to get it in the hands of the policy makers and job seekers and educators and guidance counselors in our communities to make a difference.

For more information about STEM careers, check out our article in Production Machining: Careers, College, Dollars and STEM

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What’s Your Plan? What’s Your Home Field Advantage?

“People who get the best options, the best money, the best jobs- have a plan. What’s your plan, if the college plan doesn’t come through?”

If college was your first plan, but now it’s not, you need an alternative plan. The difference between low wages and a good paying career is having a plan.

  • Hundreds of jobs in your hometown that employers want to see filled with local talent.
  • The best possible job for you should match your skills and your interests
  • Careers with a future
  • Let you grow you pay quickly based on your performance

There are career options that give you “Home Field Advantage.”

Alternate Career Plan #1 Direct to Work

Alternate Career Plan #2 Apprenticeship

Alternate Career Plan #3 Military Service

Thanks to PMPA Member  Company Vanamatic Company and Ohio Means Jobs for the video and wise career counsel.

What’s your plan?

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“Life-changing” Right Skills Now Program Recognized in National Study

RSN graphic

MakingMakers: Rebuilding the Manufactuiring Workforce Through Competencies and Credentials was just released by the hope street group and Alcoa Foundation. The Right Skills Now Program, developed by former PMPA past-president Darlene Miller while serving on the President’s Job Council, is one of several programs highlighted as a leading way that manufacturers can overcome the obstacles to hiring and training future talent.


The basis of Right Skills Now is the NIMS credentialing process which assures that graduates have demonstrable skills as well as aptitude for precision machining work.

Right Skills Now uses a modular curriculum based on NIMS Credentials to provide an accelerated route to employment by giving candidates immediately useable workplace skills.

Right Skills Now is supported by the Precision Machined Products Association through our member involvement and through the support of our Educational Foundation which underwrites grants to community colleges and technical schools to adopt the NIMS credentialling program.

For schools in your area that offer training in Precision Machining, as well as NIMS and RSN accreditation, please check our Comprehensive Training Database.

Do the challenges that you face make it feel like it is  impossible for you to plan the future? You might want to consider doing what Mike Hunter did – Right Skills Now  resulted in a good paying, life changing career for him!

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Developing Skilled Workforce-Reader Center at Gateway Technical College

The need for highly skilled craftsmen and women is everywhere…around the world. Today, here at Gateway, you can learn a skill, locally, that can take you anywhere in the world you want to go.”- Mike Reader


Reader Precision Machining & Manufacturing (RPM Center) at Gateway Technical College

Gateway Technical College  held a ribbon-cutting April 20, 2016 for its new Reader Precision Machining and Manufacturing (RPM) Center at their Elkhorn Campus. The RPM Manufacturing Center represents the most modern and state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing education and technology, to best meet the training needs of Walworth County manufacturers.

The skills gap that you hear about in the news is Real. We are doing this to rebuild our manufacturing base through ongoing technical educcation providing rewarding career opportunity for our community. Here at Gateway, you can learn a skill, locally, that can take you anywhere in the world you want to go.”– Mike Reader, CEO, Precision Plus

“With the leadership and support of Michael Reader and Precision Plus, this center will support the many manufacturers of Walworth County with a pipeline of well-trained, highly skilled employees,” said Gateway Technical College President and CEO Bryan Albrecht. The celebration featured Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, who spoke during this program.

Congratulations to Mike Reader and the whole team at Precision Plus for leading the way with this visionary approach to developing our skilled labor force.

What’s it like to work at Precision Plus? Take a virtual tour.


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